Aura Essential Oil Diffuser

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Environment Friendly Car Freshener! No more harmful chemicals found in normal car air fresheners. Help reduce waste and protect the environment. Diffuse Natural Essential Oils with Aura Fuse!

The Aura Ultrasonic aroma diffuser is the ultimate solution for people who lead busy lifestyles. Lightweight and compact, this aroma diffuser is easily portable and fits neatly in your luggage. Enjoy the zen and tranquility on the go, from your home, car, office, hotel room and take your favourite scent wherever you like. It comes with a special car adaptor. It will clean your air wherever you are, removing the stuffiness from your office, car or hotel room with cool scented mist. 

This diffuser combines state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology combined with elegant design, giving you an overall feeling of well-being without the danger of naked flames or harmful smoke. Just add water and a few drops of oil or use without fragranced oil. It emits a relaxing scented mist into your space. It is extremely easy to use and maintain. 

Aroma diffuser, mini-humidifier, auto-shut off added safety feature.

Technical specifications:
Size: 6.7cm x 15.5cm
Power: 8W Low energy consumption
Voltage: 12V DC
Water capacity: 60ml