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Security, rain or shine. On your phone 24/7.

If you've ever experienced property damage, theft, or a break-in, you know all too well the trauma that these experiences can cause. This waterproof and smart Outdoor WiFi Camera is the answer to your outdoor surveillance needs and provides an extra layer of security at your home or business...even when you're not there!

FuerySmeck® M7 security camera, Featuring two-way talk, night vision, IP66 weatherproof, Cloud Storage and Micro SD Storage, sensitive motion detection & many more features, Find the best wireless security cameras to protect your home. FuerySmeck® M7 outdoor wireless security camera that allow you to watch the outside of your home from your phone.


FuerySmeck® M7 WiFi Outdoor Camera features two way audio and provides you with FULL HD 1080P image and crystal clear video. This wifi outdoor camera will not only allow you to watch but also talk freely with the guy close to the camera in real-time.


OUR SMART APP: Mobile Phone at any time remote monitoring

Business travel ? Working ? Shopping ? In another countrie ?
No matter where you are, view the live in real time

With this Wifi outdoor camera, you really don’t need to stare at the online video all the time! Once motion is detected, You will receive alerts directly on your smartphone anytime and anywhere you are to help you Identify hidden dangers just in time!


This outdoor camera features IP66 level waterproof rating, which makes it perfect for outdoor surveillance. The Outdoor wifi camera also features bright LEDs that can work continuously and provide you with colorful night vision video even in the dark.


Different from other security cameras, Outdoor WiFi Camera configured with 3 wide-angle infrared lights and 4 bright led lights, You can get colorful night vision video even in the dark.


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